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Atari Punk Jasmin - 555

circuits, 555 I.C, D.I.Y, gambiologia, marginalia

atari punk console/atari punk console

Atari Punk Console is the original name of this circuit and it is for sure one of the most popular DIY synth circuits available on the internet. This circuit was built during the workshop Gambiologia (or brazilian techno-canibalism) at the Marginalia Lab (art and technology research group). During the workshop people could bend toys or build their own sound schemes. I decided to build myself an Atari Punk Console in a Chinese Jasmin Tea can. I didn't do at first any modifications in the original project. The project originally consists of two 555 integrated circuits. This is how it works: one oscillator (square wave) drives the other to create a single (square) pulse. There are two controls: one for the pitch of the oscillator and one to control the length of the pulse (plus an On/off and one 1/4" jack output). The original circuit was called "Stepped Tone Generator" which was published in a Radio Shack booklet: "Engineer's Notebook: Integrated Circuit Applications", 1980. After that the circuit featured in the "Engineer's Mini-Notebook - 555 Circuits" by Forrest M. Mims III

atari punk console

There's a whole community of APC builders in flickr. There you can check out all the different types people produce.